TGA fails Australian mothers as well as preborn babies

The Right to Life Australia media release 30 August 2012

“What a sad day this is for preborn babies,” said Dr Katrina Haller, Senior Executive Officer of The Right to Life Australia. “I am shocked that the Therapeutic Goods Administration has registered the controversial drug RU486 as “safe and effective” to Marie Stopes International, for aborting babies,” she continued.

Late abortions skyrocket in Vic

A Vic Govt report released three years later in Aug 2012, showed that in 2009 there were 410 late abortions, carried out more than halfway though pregnancy.

SavingDowns - defying discrimination

SDLogo LetterheadMike Sullivan* guest speaker at RTLA Conference 2012 is spokesperson for SavingDowns and board member of the International Down Syndrome Coalition.

From Margaret's desk...

Live Babies Left to Die

“There is an increasing incidence of late term abortions especially since the passage of the infamous Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act of 2008, which allows abortions up to birth".

South Australian Aborted babies 'born alive'

In an interview with radio station fiveaa in Adelaide in 2011 Hon Ann Bressington MLC (SA) tells journalist that babies born alive after a termination are "thrown into a kidney dish and wheeled into the freezer to die".

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