Your taxes fund Death Drug

“The abortion drug RU 486 is not a medicine – pregnancy is not a disease to be cured. Australians conscientiously opposed to abortion know it kills unborn children and harms many women, so why should they be forced to fund a death drug, via their taxes?” asks Dr Katrina Haller from Right to Life Australia . “Australians cannot in conscience support a government which supports killing its most vulnerable members of the human family – its unborn  children,”.

Vote on death drug RU 486

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Savita’s death - caused by infection not pregnancy

The Life Institute has said that leaked excerpts from a report on the death of Savita Halappanavar seemed to show that it was now beyond dispute that an infection had caused her tragic death.

Anti abortion petition presented to Victorian Parliament

On Tuesday 5th February, the first sitting day of parliament this year, the Honourable David Hodgett presented the petition to the Victorian Parliament asking that the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 be reviewed. Owen Charles organised this petition with approximately 6000 signatures. 

Tony Abbott's Hesitation Waltz

MEDIA RELEASE                     Tony Abbott’s Hesitation Waltz on Abortion        14/1/2013

“Despite Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s consistent anti-abortion voting record in Parliament, he now appears to be doing a hesitation waltz on the issue, in the mistaken belief that this will somehow help him counter the ridiculous headline- grabbing charge of misogyny levelled at him by the pro-abortion Prime Minister Julia Gillard,” said Margaret Tighe, President of Right to Life Australia.  

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