Good news: Tasmania rejects euthanasia

On Wednesday night we received the fantastic news that the Tasmanian House of Assembly voted down the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2016 16-8! This was the third attempt in 10 years to try to introduce an assisted dying bill. Here's the record of who voted for and against the bill:

Bill to legislate abortion on demand in NSW fails

Last week, Thursday 11 May 2017, Mehreen Faruqi MLC's bill to legalise abortion on demand in New South Wales was voted down, by the significant margin of 25 votes to 14.

Watch the exact moment the bill was defeated below.


Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Bill 2017 passes in the Northern Territory

Under the guise of ‘contemporary’ legislation the NT’s 25 member Legislative Assembly swept through a “tick-box” abortion-to-23 week bill in Parliament late Tuesday 21 March 2017.

The Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Bill 2017 passed with a vote of 20 to 4.

Mr Gerry Wood (IND - Nelson), Mr Terry Mills (IND - Blain), Hon Gerald McCarthy (ALP - Barkly) and Mr Yingiya Mark Guyula (IND - Nhulunbuy) opposed the bill.

Right to Life condemns Bishop’s endorsement of baby killing

For immediate release
16 February 2017

The President of Right to Life Australia, Mrs Margaret Tighe, today condemned the action of the Turnbull government in deciding to increase funding for International Planned Parenthood so as they can continue promoting abortions to third world countries.


The President of Right to Life Australia Ms Margaret Tighe said today, (8/12/16) on the announcement that assisted dying bill will be introduced in Victoria in 2017 that

“We have the most anti-life Premier we have ever had in the state of Victoria. On the one hand several months ago he was proudly extolling the virtues of the splendid facilities in the new Peter MacCallum Centre, which is a beacon of hope for cancer sufferers. Then in the next breath, he announces he will take a “fresh look” at euthanasia”.

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