Queensland Late Term abortions will Skyrocket with Rob Pyne MP bill

Queensland Late Term abortions will Skyrocket with Rob Pyne MP bill

Queensland MP Rob Pyne’s Health (Abortion Law Reform) Amendment Bill 2016 Bill tabled 17/8/16 http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/Documents/TableOffice/TabledPapers/2016/5516T1292.pdf
is purely a rehash of his bill introduced only 3 months ago. This bill-again-will provide no element of protection for the preborn child – which presumably Mr Pyne needed to “reassure” most Queenslanders appalled at Late Term abortions.  If Mr Pyne MP looks to Victoria for the construction of his new bill, he should be aware of the outcomes in that state since decriminalisation. So-called safeguards to “limit the numbers” of unborn babies killed have not been effective in Victoria.

It seems Mr Pyne MP has also not been listening to testimony of doctors advising that women seeking abortions for psychosocial reasons are even more at risk of severe psychological problems after their abortions.

Oppose Legal Killing in Victoria

Have you written to the Premier, Daniel Andrews opposing plans for euthanasia? ACT TODAY!  A handwritten letter is best. Address to Hon Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, Parliament House,Spring Street,Melbourne Victoria 3002 or email daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au  Looking for arguments against killing in all its disguises?

Aborted babies born alive and left to die have increased

SEARCH AND DESTROY MISSIONS INCREASE BABIES BORN, LEFT TO DIE                                                                                                  

 "Babies born alive and left to die have increased “ said Dr Katrina Haller, Chief Executive Officer of the Right to Life Australia. She was commenting on the 2012/2013 Victorian Report of the Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity, which has now been published.The Council reported the results of abortions performed after 20 weeks gestation – late term abortions.Dr Haller continued, “This is a sad and sorry state, where mothers feel, increasingly that they have to destroy their preborn babies in order to live in our society”.

Euthanasia bills in the Senate, Northern Territory and soon Tasmania...

The assault on the most vulnerable members of our society continues with euthanasia proposals continuing to appear regularly in the Australian media. Arguably the most substantial of them is the private members bill, proposed by Senator David Leyonhjelm, to allow Territories to once again legislate euthanasia.

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