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It is hard to understand the abuse and anger directed at us because of the leaflet we used in our recent state election campaign in Victoria 2014.  Many would have seen the blue leaflet which depicted a baby born 
prematurely at 25 weeks, six days and the image of the same baby at 10 months beaming with life!  The intention of the photos was to illustrate the inconsistency of the public's attitude to abortion.

The Nationals – no longer a pro-life party

“Those who still believe that a vote for a National Party candidate is a vote for a prolifer would be sadly disillusioned by the pro-abortion stance on the part of two young women candidates at this election,” said Margaret Tighe, president of the Right to Life Australia.

Right to Life Australia targets Daniel Andrews

Media Release

The Right to Life Australia Inc. today announced that it was targeting opposition Leader Daniel Andrews for defeat in his electorate of Mulgrave.
President Margaret Tighe said, “There is one reason only for our campaign and that was the major role he played in shepherding the infamous Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 through the Parliament, of behalf of the then Brumby government.”

Vote for life

A legislator who is not prepared to uphold the most basic of human rights – the right to life itself – is not fit to sit in Parliament. Upholding the right to life of all should be the first requirement of a legislator.

Vote pro-life at Victoria's 2014 election

As the race is on to elect our government at the Victorian election - 29 November 2014 - what issue could be more important than that of abortion?  Why is this so?
Because every abortion kills a baby and in Victoria today no child in the womb is safe – right up to birth. This has been caused by the infamous Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, the legacy of the then Brumby government.
Kangaroos and wild ducks are more protected than human babies!
Margaret Tighe  

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