We read so much about the manufacture of babies by various means – whether by using donor eggs or donor sperm or by use of the would-be parents’ own genetic material, who are in need of a womb to rent.  They call this surrogacy and the practice of this has led to gross exploitation of poor women in poor countries who will allow the use of her own womb or money.
The social repercussions of this scheme are dangerous and dehumanising as it treats human babies as manufactured objects and poor women as breeding machines.
Margaret Tighe
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Abortion clinic closes in Hobart, Tasmania

We heard good news this week from across Bass Strait - an abortion clinic run in Moonah, a northern suburb of Hobart has been closed.

Right to Life Australia asks Senate to reject culture of death

The Right to Life Australia calls on the Senate to reject Senator Di Natale’s “Dying With Dignity” bill and reject his request to have it referred to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee for an inquiry.

USA Supreme Court overturns abortion clinic buffer zone

The Supreme Court in the United States has decided to overturn a Massachusetts law that introduced a buffer zone around abortion clinics. Such a zone, which prevents freedom of expression for those opposing abortion, also operates in Tasmania.

An argument against abortion

I am opposed to the legalisation of abortion. Why? Primarily because I believe in the dignity and value of every human life and that every human life has the right to be protected.

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