Life not worthy to be lived

"Recently, a Melbourne GP who has many patients in aged care/nursing homes rang to tell us of a patient of his who had contacted pneumonia and was taken by ambulance to a large public hospital. He was concerned to learn that instead of treating the pneumonia a decision was made to only extend to her, palliative care. The GP believed that was wrong – it was being done with the intention of ending her life ". 

Belgium's children not safe

The news of the Belgian Parliament sanctioning the killing of patients (that is now applied to adults)- so that it can apply to children over the age of 12 with a terminal illness, is a day of shame for that country. 

Geoff Shaw MP is a hero!

Geoff Shaw – much maligned Victorian M.P. is a hero!  Today in Melbourne 08/05/14  he courageously spelled out his desire to move a private member’s bill to address 6 atrocious aspects of Victoria’s Abortion Law Reform Act 2008. These include ending obligation for anti abortion doctors to refer to doctors who will perform the procedure.  As well  he is to address the horrendous state of affairs in Victoria where babies born alive after abortions are left to die.   

Nitschke's Suicide Shop

Nitshkes suicide lolly shop
What is wrong with the South Australian government that they have taken no steps to close down Dr Philip Nitschke’s Suicide Shop says Margaret Tighe, President Right to Life Australia?  "That it continues to exist is unbelievable! " 

Outrage at shark killing - what about the unborn?

Did you see thousands of people protesting on Australian beaches against the WA government's plan to cull sharks?
Some called WA Premier Barnett a "murderer!"  Would we bring out such Australia-wide opposition against the slaughter of the unborn? 

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