The President of The Right to Life Australia, called on Hon Premier Denis Napthine to back conscientious objection to abortion.  Margaret Tighe said today “For those who believe that killing babies in the womb – right up to birth- is a political plus, let me remind them that former Premier, John Brumby, lost office because of the abortion issue.”  

Tighe calls Tasmanian abortion act a denial of the right to life

Right to Life Australia media release
22 November 2013
“The blackest day for mothers and their unborn babies,” said Margaret Tighe, President of the Right to Life Australia, referring to the passage of the Tasmanian 'Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill 2013.'

Report into Tasmanian abortion bill released

The Report on the Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill 2013 was tabled today and is very bad news for the unborn babies of Tasmania – it affirms all the worst aspects of the Bill.
The only restriction on terminations is that after 16 weeks a second medical practitioner has to be consulted. 16 weeks was chosen as the cut off time because that was “a bit of a middle-ground approach”. If it were 24 weeks it was thought that would “not get through,” so 16 weeks would “lower the resistance to the bill.”

Law reform must not trample on rights of conscience

The President of Right to Life Australia Mrs Margaret Tighe supports Geoff Shaw MP's news of a likely move on Victoria’s appalling Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 in relation to the actions of doctors who refuse to participate in abortions or referrals for abortion.

Search and destroy missions to become easier

Right to Life Australia media release - Monday 28 October 2013

“The new blood test (NIPS) for chromosomal disorders of unborn children is set to become their death sentence,” said Dr. Katrina Haller, Senior Executive Officer of the Right to Life Australia, “and as for ticking a box to ascertain the gender of the baby, we see in the case of Dr Hobart of Sunshine, Victoria, that this has resulted in female feticide.” Dr Haller was referring to a report on the new blood test in the Sunday Age.

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