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Lobbying - A 'How To' Guide

Lobbying is a simple activity that everyone can participate in.  You could phone or write to your local MP on abortion or euthanasia, particularly when this is a current issue in your state (eg a bill is being debated in Parliament). 

You may like to post on Facebook page or even make an appointment to visit your MP (state or federal).  Your view matters.  A written letter is most effective.

Writing a Letter

Non-profit organisations rely greatly on mail campaigns to gain political support. Whether you are organising a mail campaign or writing just one letter, it is important to keep in mind that there are many lobby groups clamouring for attention, so give careful thought to your letter.

Effective use of research can help you convey your position to politicians, the public and members.

Credible data can complement personal stories and anecdotes about your cause, thereby making your point more convincing.

Gathering research and pulling out the important points that support your position, as well as points that negate the argument of those who oppose your position, will help you to gain supporters for your cause.

Know the Legislative Process & Players

  1. A bill is introduced in at least one chamber of the legislature.
  2. It is then assigned to the committee(s) that oversees the issue addressed by the bill.
  3. Sometimes, a committee refers a bill to a subcommittee for deeper consideration.

Make a Personal Visit

Politicians want to hear from you. The first time you meet your politician face to face, you may be nervous. Keep in mind, however, that politicians and their staff people repeatedly say that the information non-profits provide is important to their decisions, so don’t be afraid to voice your message.

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