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Courageous Post-Abortion NZ Women

Courageous Post-Abortion NZ Women

On 9 November 2018, New Zealand’s leading newspaper “The Dominion Post” published a one page advertisement which had been placed by Family First NZ, about eight courageous New Zealand mothers – all of whom had suffered from the aftermath of their abortions.


I say courageous because they bravely attached their names to the ad and all of them have living children.

This extremely well written one page ad was designed to appeal to New Zealand’s pro-abortion Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who favours relaxing New Zealand’s law on abortion.

Just to quote from the ad – A WOMEN’s RIGHT TO DECIDE

Arguably the most defining argument for abortion is the right of a woman to determine what happens to her body.  “My body, my choice” is the abbreviated argument.  There is truth in those four words, and legal protection is already given to women. But while there is truth, we believe it is not the whole truth.  My body is not the only body, which mean my rights are not the only rights.

The moment an unborn child’s humanity is recognised, the rights of a women are reframed – and not simply by law.

All good mothers, who have the right to eat, drink, and do as they please, willingly curb their rights for the wellbeing of their unborn children.


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