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The Alfred Pharmacy - Now Dealing in Death - How Sad!

The Alfred Pharmacy - Now Dealing in Death - How Sad!

Margaret Tighe, Letter to Chief Pharmacist, Alfred Health, Melbourne, May 2019

Dear Sir, I write as one who worked as a pharmacist at the Alfred hospital for several years after my return from working in the UK in late 1956.  I cannot recall the exact date of my employment there beginning at some time in 1957 until the beginning of 1961.


During my time in the UK I worked in several hospitals but mainly in St Mary’s Paddington and the Radcliffe and Churchill hospitals in Oxford.  The Alfred pharmacy was a mess at the time, mainly because of lack of space.  An appeal was being conducted at the time for badly needed funds to upgrade the hospital.  I’m quite proud of the work I did in categorising the drugs etc in alphabetical order, so that doctors could come in and find out what they were after.

Frankly I cannot believe that such a fine hospital as the Alfred – one of Australia’s leading trauma centres – could involve itself in the provision of lethal drugs for use by doctors assisting sick people to suicide!

At least I know that the British hospitals in which I had worked all those years ago, are not involved in helping sick people to suicide.   In 2015, the British Parliament overwhelmingly rejected – in a vote of 3 to 1 – euthanasia legislation.

In so doing, they heeded the warning of Professor Theo Boer of the Netherlands who, initially an advocate of that country’s euthanasia laws now said ‘‘don’t do it”.   He saw the harm it was doing to the Dutch people with some losing their lives without even their consent – to say nothing of Belgium and Switzerland!

I am enclosing for you a copy of a leaflet which maybe of interest. [enclosed Right to Life brochure named  Euthanasia is Toxic.   Perhaps it will not be too late to reflect on UK hospitals who are not involved in patient killing.     Yours sincerely,   Margaret Tighe, President.

NB Needless to say I have had  no reply to my letter – Ed.

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