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The NSW Abortion Debate 2019

The NSW Abortion Debate 2019

Australia has recently been reminded of its disgraceful record on government-funded abortions with the NSW parliament engaged in a fiery debate over the total legislation of abortion until birth!

 To our utter disgrace this is now the situation in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland with South Australia poised to follow suit after the usual "government inquiry".

Amazingly Sydney has been rocked by large anti-abortion protests in its streets and outside its parliament. Clearly the churches have played a major role in turning out the protestors.

The sad reality is that abortions have been widely available in New South Wales for many years – late abortion included.

An abortion clinic even operated the NSW Parliament building in Macquarie Street. Many years ago, on enquiring at a well-known Sydney abortuary. I was told I could have an abortion up till 22 weeks! So – what's new?

Sadly, passage of this bill in Parliament will serve to legitimise the killing of the unborn – from 22 weeks and after if two doctors and the woman agree.

And – it will lead to the killing of more and more children in the womb and the further dehumanisation of the smallest Australians.

At time of writing, the offending bill had passed through the Legislative Assembly (59:31) and partially through the Legislative Council (The second reading passed the Legislative Council (26:15) where it now awaits the final vote.

Parliament resumes on 17 September 2019. Please continue to contact your representatives up until the final vote!

Margaret Tighe, PRESIDENT

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