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Our Counsellors Continue To Stand In The Gap


Please take the enclosed flyer and place in your church, office or other venue to encourage women (and men) to utilise our life saving service

Our counsellors continue to stand in the gap for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. The prevailing worldview loudly proclaims: “My Body, My Choice”. It is not politically correct to even suggest that may be terminating the life of an unborn baby is not morally right. Yet when women are personally in that position of experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, they can be very conflicted.

Lois Dean, Co-ordinator Pregnancy Counselling Australi

Lois Dean, Co-ordinator
Pregnancy Counselling Australia

Our callers appreciate having someone to listen to the challenges they’re facing with their unplanned pregnancy in an open, caring and non-judgmental atmosphere. Callers like these:

Amber calls in tears, struggling to talk. “I’m single and 10 weeks pregnant to a good friend of mine but we’re not really a couple. I’m finding it so hard. There’s all this talk in the media at the moment about abortion and how it is a woman’s right. It’s so upsetting. I’ve looked forward to being a mother but I feel so judged by my friends. They think I should just have an abortion, that it’s a simple thing… I haven’t told my friend yet, I just need to be strong enough to tell him and to be ready to say I want to have this baby.” Amber was so grateful to be able to talk about her dilemma with our counsellor. She stopped crying and calmed down. She felt empowered to call her friend. Amber was also given the number of a local Pregnancy Support Centre where she can obtain on-going support.

When Nicole rang she was feeling bad. She had booked a termination for a few days time but she was having second thoughts. She just wanted to have a chat with someone who would listen and enable her to sort out her own thoughts. She was married to a good man and they had 2 children. She’d just landed a new job and so they thought that it’s not the right time to have another baby. But then Nicole said, “I don’t think a new job is a good reason to terminate a pregnancy.”  Nicole said that when she thought of her 2 children whom she loved so much, she just didn’t think she could go through with the termination. Our counsellor was able to affirm Nicole’s desire to continue the pregnancy and for having the courage to listen to her own heart. Nicole decided to let her doctor know that she had changed her mind about the termination. She thanked our counsellor and asked if she could call back if she needed to chat some more.

Pregnancy Counselling Australia continues to need women who are willing to be trained as volunteer counsellors who will set aside time weekly to be on our phone counselling roster. If this is you, please contact Lois at admin@pregnancycounselling.com.au

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