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New Zealand PM – Jacinda Ardern
New Zealand PM – Jacinda Ardern

Unborn Kiwis In Danger Of Extinction - Ardern's Abortion Bill Passes

While New Zealanders are distracted by the alarm created by the COVID-19 virus, Jacinda Ardern's heinous Abortion Legislation Bill passed the NZ Parliament on 18 March 2020 with a vote of 68:51.

This occurred despite the fact that 91.6% of 25,718 submissions received by the Abortion Legislation Select Committee opposed the bill and thousands of New Zealand groups fought valiantly to prevent its passage.

Ken Orr, Spokesman, Right to Life New Zealand www.righttolife.org.nz stated (18/3/ 2020) "This represents an unprecedented attack on the family, on the status and dignity of women and on the right to life of New Zealanders in the first nine months of life." He continued "If today Parliament can deny the right to life of the unborn it will inevitably deny our right to life when we cease to be of value to the State. The passing of this anti-life Bill is a day of shame that will be recorded in the history of our Parliament. The killing of an innocent and defenceless unborn child has now been decriminalised and taken out of the Crimes Act where it has been since 1856. The State has withdrawn its protection of women and the unborn child, up to 20 weeks the State has no interest in protecting the lives of the weakest and most defenceless members of the human family."

The Abortion Legislation Act 2020 provides for only registered medical practitioners to perform abortions. There is pressure from the registered nurses and midwives Associations to permit its members to prescribe for medical abortions and to perform surgical abortions.

The NZ Ministry of Health website (update 16 April 2020) states:

Changes for Health Practitioners:

  • allowing a woman to self-refer to an abortion service provider
  • allows a wider range of registered health practitioners (eg doctors, midwives, nurse practitioners) to provide abortions (subject to scopes of practice and training). Registered health practitioners will not be able to perform surgical abortions or prescribe medicines for medical abortions unless:
  • it is a health service permitted within their scope of practice
  • the practitioner holds a current practicing certificate
  • the practitioner has the necessary qualifications, skills, competency and resources to provide abortion services in accordance with the Ministry of Health's Interim Standards for Abortion Services

Under the HPC Act 2003 nurse practitioners are not currently qualified to perform abortions, however as Ken Orr said "I believe that will quickly change."

The details of the new abortion legislation:

Up to 20 weeks gestation:

  • Unrestricted access to abortion
  • A woman may self-refer
  • After 20 weeks gestation
  • Abortion up to birth with approval of two health practitioners
  • Abortion can be approved if considered clinically "appropriate"
  • Considers woman's physical, mental health, lifestyle and "wellbeing".
  • No restriction on abortion for babies with disabilities (was 20 week limit).

Abortion drugs eg RU 486 can be prescribed via "Telehealth" video - drugs will be dispatched by courier.

What about sex selection abortions?

  • Legislation to stop sex selection abortions was debated. NZ government says it will review evidence on whether sex selection abortions are occurring.

What about exclusion zones?

  • GOOD NEWS Groups such as 40 days for Life are still able to continue their life saving work outside abortuaries! A push for the establishment of exclusion zones at 150 metres around abortuaries was lost during a vote on the amendment.

What about conscientious objection?

  • A doctor (or health practitioner) who has an objection to abortion must inform the patient how to access the closest provider (abortionist) considering the physical distance the woman has to travel, and operating hours of the nearest abortionist!

Page 2 Simon O'Connor MP photoSimon O'Connor MP, Member for Tāmaki tabled an amendment in the event an abortion results in the birth of a child. His amendment was to ensure the duty owed by any health practitioner to provide medical care to a child born as a result of an abortion is no different than the duty owed to provide medical care and treatment to a child born other than as a result of an abortion. The amendment was voted down 79 to 37 votes.

As Simon O'Connor MP stated:

"The sad irony of this debate is those who proclaim their love of human rights are actively seeking to remove it from some. It has been said, "I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born." I think the sort of statement of those born and advocating abortion would be what progressives call the position of privilege, where those with power exercise it over those without.

I think those who call themselves progressives in this Parliament will find themselves in the uncomfortable position in the debate of the unborn of actually being the privileged, the people of power and those who can dominate others. They already have rights, but they are open and willing to remove them from others."

Right to Life Australia salutes Right to Life New Zealand righttolife.org.nz and everyone in NZ who worked valiantly to oppose this bill. As Ken Orr, Spokesperson for Right to Life New Zealand stated "The pro-life movement will not rest until this draconian anti-life Act is repealed."

Mary Collier – Right to Life Australia.

With thanks to Ken Orr, RTLNZ for his assistance

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