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Regarding "The Age' Newspaper
Regarding "The Age' Newspaper

Regarding "The Age' Newspaper

Victorians should be aware of the huge harm being done by “the Age’ newspaper in relation to its enthusiastic endorsement of legalised physician assisted suicide in Victoria.  In the voluntary assisted dying review board’s inaugural 6-month report 52 people ended their lives between 19 June and 31 December 2020, with 81 permits to have lethal drugs administered!

 From time to time The Age carries a story of a ‘peaceful’ death suicide at the hands of the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017. 

It is then contrasted with another account of a dying or very ill person who cannot access a state granted death because of some regulations in the legislation.

This has occurred on several occasions recently and I can see what it is aiming at.  “The Age’ and other media outlets want to see the legislation expanded.

Given the numbers who are seeking an early death so far – God help us! - Ed.

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