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Walking hand in hand with my son Jesse on his first day of school, my heart filled with joy and pride at how far he had come. Jesse has overcome many difficult obstacles in his young life. After being diagnosed with a rare and fatal congenital heart disease at 20 weeks gestation, and undergone numerous cardiac surgeries, the most recent of which was just last year. I stood looking at him in awe, 'what a strong and resilient little boy I have been blessed with' I thought in that moment. I watched as the little boy who had been given little chance of survival walked into class, gave me a kiss and said goodbye as he happily joined his classmates. I could see the pride on each parent's face as they dropped off their children that day, but I was sure none was as proud as I was in that moment.

It is a daunting prospect to raise a child with an illness, disease or disability as I am very familiar with. the unknown can be a fearful thing, but the greatest decision one can make when faced with the choice no parent wishes to make, is to choose life. A decision I have never regretted despite facing difficult and hopeless situations. Every child deserves to be born and given a chance at life. I was asked many times by numerous doctors if I wanted to have an abortion. Had I taken that path I would have missed out on having Jesse in my life, and he would not have had the opportunity to start his school journey that day.

Human life is to be valued; in whichever form it may present. And so, we must keep up the fight against abortion, the dehumanizing of the unborn and once again restore the value of human life in our society.

Editor: An earlier edition of Right to Life News had photos and an account of Jesse's life and medical treatment he was born with his heart outside his diaphragm!

By Denissa Cojocea

Jesse 2021 – Saying goodbye to mum at school

Jesse 2021 – Saying goodbye
to mum at school

Baby Jessie at birth

Baby Jessie at birth

Jesse during one of his many treatments

Jesse during one of
his many treatments

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