Report on the South Australian Abortion to Birth Bill

In spite of a very vigorous campaign to oppose the "Termination of Pregnancies Bill 2020" it passed the South Australian Legislative Assembly on Friday morning 19th February 2021 at 2am – 29 in favour and 15 against. The Liberal Attorney-General Vickie Chapman who supported the bill claimed it was about giving women choice!

Love Adelaide RallyLove Adelaide Rally

Love Adelaide Rally - 6 February 2021

All the Members of Parliament had a conscience vote which moved abortion from the Criminal Law Consolidation Act into healthcare legislation. The bill allows for late term abortions after 22 weeks and six days up to birth with few realistic obstacles. In summary late term abortions can be approved after two medical practitioners deem it "medically appropriate" and if continuing the pregnancy would involve significant risk of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant person.

Now the proposed legislation needs to pass the Upper House (Legislative Council).

On 22/2/21 Michael Fewster received a verbal report from Alan and Helen Tyson (40 days for Life) on the fight by South Australians to defeat the "Termination of Pregnancies Bill 2020."

Many pro-life groups in SA have been working very hard at opposing the abortion to birth bill. People were encouraged to be active and they were – Mr. Tyson explained there was a multi-pronged attack which included the following: some would go and speak to their MP and others would write letters and emails, this included 20,000 post cards which were printed, signed and sent to MP's. And finally, regular weekly protests were held in front of parliament house and a big rally organized by Love Adelaide. It was held on the 6th February which was a great success with reports suggesting approx. 5,000 people attended on a wet day. At the rally Mr. Tyson was heartened by the number of young women involved carrying the lead banner and acting as marshals etc.

P.S. Sadly South Australia was the first state to legislate abortion in 1970.

Update: the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2021 has now passed the South Australian Legislative Council (Upper House) on Tuesday 2 March 2021.Hansard reported that the motion was carried, without a vote.

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