A Case to Oppose Legalisation of Telehealth Carriage Service Consultations for Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Eugene Ahern 20 January 2023

The legalisation and availability of telehealth carriage service consultations by - for example video link for euthanasia and voluntary assisted dying would open the doors to far more readily available access to euthanasia and voluntary assisted dying.

It is essential those concerned with the protection of the lives of patients oppose all moves by the federal government to legislate to permit doctors to use telehealth consultations for voluntary assisted dying and euthanasia. Both assisted suicide and euthanasia are now legal in all Australia's states - (it became legal in Queensland from 1st January 2023.

When telemedicine can be dangerous - even deadly

Why telehealth should never be used to prescribe lethal drugs for assisted suicide

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to adapt the way we access health care, and telehealth is now widely used to overcome many hurdles related to receiving in-person attention. But there are some contexts in which relying on telemedicine can be dangerous - even deadly. Telemedicine should never be used in the context of assisted suicide because it increases the dangers of a practice already ripe for abuse.

The American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying recently put out guidelines (acamaid.org) for doctors to prescribe lethal drugs remotely. Their reckless recommendations include establishing the diagnosis, prognosis and decision-making capacity of patients to “legally establish the patient’s first verbal request and the start of the waiting period.” Following the waiting period, the required second verbal request for assisted suicide can be made “by telephone without visual contact.”

Oppose Fly in, Fly out Death Regime

It's a 'death regime' say Queensland bishop opposed to government plan to fly in doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives.

TOWNSVILLE Bishop Tim Harris is a leading voice demanding the Queensland Government rescind a decision to fund doctors flying to regional parts of the state to help terminally ill patients end their lives.

"Let's call it for what it is - it is a death regime and an assault on a civilised society," Bishop Tim Harris said.

Woman with Chemical Sensitivities Chose Medically-Assisted Death After Failed Bid to get Better Housing

A Canadian woman suffering from severe allergies and chemical sensitivities was able to legally end her own life due to the country’s expansive medical aid in dying (MAiD) laws. According to CTV News, the 51-year-old woman known as Sophia chose to die simply because she could afford no better place to live.

Fly in, Fly out Doctors to Help with Euthanasia

UPDATE ON PUSH FOR TELEHEALTH CONSULTATIONS FOR EUTHANASIA. A REMINDER - Don't forget to Oppose Telehealth video-link consultations for euthanasia and assisted dying.

It is essential we oppose the federal government legislating to allow doctors to use telehealth consultations to authorise physician assisted suicide which all states now allow.

Victorian Election Campaign 2022

Despite limited resources, time constraints and opposition by suppliers, Right to Life Australia delivered an intensive campaign in October/November 2022 leading up to the 26 November 2022 Victorian election. Although we are disappointed at the overall results of the Victorian election, we believe our work in the electorates of Caulfield and Sandringham influenced the results in these seats.

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