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Queensland and "Voluntary Assisted Dying"

On March 31, 2020 the Queensland Parliamentary Committee which carried out an Inquiry into “Voluntary Assisted Dying” tabled their Findings and Recommendations.

During the year prior to the tabling of the report there had been 41 hearings held with 535 witnesses appearing and 4 729 written submissions were made. Many of the witnesses and submissions spoke eloquently of the problems and dangers that would come with legalizing “voluntary assisted dying (VAD)”. (For one thing, it was pointed out to the Committee that recipients of VAD don’t just die but rather, they are deliberately and directly killed by the administration of poison. It should be called “voluntary assisted killing (VAK)” but presumably that sounds too harsh, too honest).

Labor MP Marlene Kairouz. Picture: Stuart McEvoy
Labor MP Marlene Kairouz. Picture: Stuart McEvoy

Euthanasia: Assisted dying figures alarming, Labor MP Marlene Kairouz says

Hon Marlene Kairouz, Minister for Trade, in the Victorian government who opposed the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 and is not afraid to speak out about it! 

Victorian Labor frontbencher Marlene Kairouz says she is deeply concerned about the number of people "committing suicide" under the Andrews government's voluntary assisted dying legislation following revelations yesterday that more than 50 people ended their lives under the scheme between June and December.

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