How Jesse’s Life Was Saved

I was 20 weeks pregnant as I walked into a women’s imaging centre with my husband and one-year-old daughter. We were excited to find out if we were having a little boy or girl. What we did find out caused my world to shatter.

Voluntary euthanasia is a threshold moment for Australia, and one we should not cross

“There is probably no more important issue in contemporary bioethics or a more serious ethical decision for our parliaments than that raised by the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 being debated this week in the Victorian Parliament.  Under this bill, conditions and safeguards are outlined that will allow physicians to terminate the life of patients and to assist patients to take their own life. This is a threshold moment for the country. No matter what justifications are offered for the bill, it constitutes an unacceptable departure in our approach to human existence and the irrevocable sanctity that should govern our understanding of what it means to be human.

The Alfred Pharmacy - Now Dealing in Death - How Sad!

Margaret Tighe, Letter to Chief Pharmacist, Alfred Health, Melbourne, May 2019

Dear Sir, I write as one who worked as a pharmacist at the Alfred hospital for several years after my return from working in the UK in late 1956.  I cannot recall the exact date of my employment there beginning at some time in 1957 until the beginning of 1961.

News from the United States – Good and Bad

The abortion issue has been front page news in the US of late.  

The Good News has been from the following states – Ohio, Mississippi Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana – where a variety of laws curtailing abortion under certain circumstances – and at certain stages – have been enacted.  Well done to the pro-lifers in those states!

Architects of Victoria's right-to-die law publish 'manual' on how to push legislation through

A Ministerial Advisory Panel reviews its success - Article by Michael Cook reproduced from Dec 4 2018 

One year ago, in December 2017, the Australian state of Victoria legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide. This has given new heart to supporters in other states who have been lobbying for years for the “right-to-die”.

State of the art Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (in Victoria) is currently advertising for "VAD Care Navigators" calling for "Clinical Nurse Consultants Grade 6 or Grade 4 Allied Health Professionals or Grade 4 Psychologists" to fill a new State-wide role in facilitating the assisted suicide or euthanasia of people across Victoria by matching those seeking to end their lives with willing doctors.  (NB As of 1/2/19 Careers.Vic (the official Victorian Government search portal for public sector jobs) website states: The job you tried to access has closed for applications and is no longer being advertised.

Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins

On being a prolife Member of Parliament

By Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins

I had the privilege of spending four years in state parliament defending the vulnerable by standing up for the human right to life from conception to natural death.  This ended abruptly at the last election when I was unable to retain my seat after the party I was a part of decided against running a full state campaign.

Courageous Post-Abortion NZ Women

On 9 November 2018, New Zealand’s leading newspaper “The Dominion Post” published a one page advertisement which had been placed by Family First NZ, about eight courageous New Zealand mothers – all of whom had suffered from the aftermath of their abortions.


Sydney mum who postponed cancer treatment to save son has passed away.

Brianna Rawlings, the mother who postponed her leukaemia treatment to give birth to her son, has passed away a few days after her 19th birthday.

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