Up to 10,000 people rallied to stop abortion bill in New South Wales

Written by Jane Landon. Jane is a supporter of Right to Life Australia who was very active during our Federal Election campaign in Bennelong Electorate. Picture by Aleshia Fewster.

Pro-life protestors gathered for a vigil at Martin Place, Sydney on Tues 20 August 2019 at 6pm. The rally was to oppose the abortion bill being debated in Parliament House. It was fantastic to see so many people gathering for such an event. Estimate of crowd in attendance was up to 10,000 people, potentially the biggest turnout ever for a pro-life rally in Sydney.


In July 2019 the Committee of Right to Life Australia supported me to travel to attend the USA National Right to Life Convention 2019 held in Charleston, South Carolina. There were approximately 700 delegates to the conference.   In addition, in adjacent rooms young pro-lifers held their own 2day conference called the National Teens for Life Convention.

It was uplifting to visit a country which has prolife bills being debated in various states and a good opportunity to network and be in the company of pro-life Americans.   I found it difficult as a trained dietitian to see, however, the number of morbidly obese people living in the USA where a diet of fat and sugar is promoted by signs everywhere!

At the opening lunch on the first day of the Convention we were honoured to have as guest speaker Governor Henry McMaster.

More terminally ill Victorians meet euthanasia criteria to end their lives

Excerpt from article By Matt Johnston, Herald Sun – 28 August 2019

A growing number of terminally ill Victorians have met the criteria for the state’s euthanasia scheme, and have been approved to access life-ending medication.

Eleven terminally ill Victorians have been granted permits to access lethal medication if they choose, under the state’s first voluntary euthanasia scheme. The Herald Sun can reveal that the patients were assessed by at least two doctors and met strict criteria which includes having less than six months left to live. This means they can now be prescribed lethal medication, which must be kept in a locked box before being self-administered.

Why Has New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Betrayed the Disability Sector?

Reproduced from Media Release 24 August 2019 - Ken Orr, Spokesperson, Right to Life New Zealand

More than half of the unborn children in New Zealand with Down syndrome are killed before they are born. This is a violation of their human rights and a crime against humanity.

Right to Life believes that this is state sponsored genocide disguised as health care against a clearly defined group within our community.

Can the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, be trusted? 

40 Babies Born Alive Following Failed Abortions Over Three Years

Reproduced from Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. London, United Kingdom 22 August 2019

SPUC has questioned the figures surrounding abortion survivors in the United Kingdom, after it has emerged that at least 40 babies were born alive after failed abortion attempts between 2016 and 2018 across three American states.

The new state data has been described as ‘disturbing’ by SPUC Chief Executive, John Smeaton, after it revealed that following failed abortions, 19 babies were born alive in Florida, 11 in Minnesota and 10 in Arizona across a period of three years.

Our Counsellors Continue To Stand In The Gap


Please take the enclosed flyer and place in your church, office or other venue to encourage women (and men) to utilise our life saving service

Our counsellors continue to stand in the gap for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. The prevailing worldview loudly proclaims: “My Body, My Choice”. It is not politically correct to even suggest that may be terminating the life of an unborn baby is not morally right. Yet when women are personally in that position of experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, they can be very conflicted.

Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019

New South Wales Parliament debate 6/8/2019

The Hon. Mr DOMINIC PERROTTET MLA (Epping—Treasurer) (LIB)

The Hon. Mr DOMINIC PERROTTET MLA (Epping—Treasurer) (LIB)

"Today we have a choice set before us that goes to the core of who we are and who we want to be, a choice that will define us as a parliament, as a place and as a people. That choice is whether we recognise that the unborn also have human rights. I believe the purpose of this Parliament is not to be a platform for the privileged but a voice for the voiceless vulnerable who cannot speak up for themselves. On this issue the supporters of the bill are ignoring that obligation. They are also on the wrong side of history."

Dr Gillespie urges Nationals colleagues to consider state abortion bill carefully

Carla Mascarenhas ~ Excerpt Reproduced from Wauchope Gazette 21/8/19

Federal member for Lyne Dr David Gillespie had this to say: He believes the legislation is unnecessary because abortion was "decriminalised in 1971 and it is not a crime if you have a lawful abortion in NSW".

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