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Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 - Queensland

Dear Queensland Supporters

The Queensland government introduced an assisted suicide and euthanasia bill in May 2021. It is due to be debated in late August 2021.

Please take action to express your opposition to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021.

A good way to convey your message is to:

  • Write
  • Visit
  • Email or
  • Telephone

You only have one (1) Queensland MP to contact.

Ask your MP to VOTE AGAINST the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021.

We need to remind MPs the state should not co-operate in killing human beings and euthanasia can never be made safe.

  1. We should never kill patients.
  2. Euthanasia can never be made safe.
  3. Statistics from the euthanasia scheme in Victoria show many more cases than first expected when the law was passed in 2017.
  4. Once euthanasia is legalised the numbers and categories of patients eligible for euthanasia expands as has happened overseas.
  5. This bill expands eligibility from a person with a diagnosis of a disease, illness of medical condition expected to cause their death within 6 months (with the exception of neurodegenerative disorders where eligibility is extended to 12 months) to 12 months for ALL terminal diagnoses.
  6. A medical professional who does not suppport assisted suicide must refer the person seeking assisted suicide to a professional who will participate in the scheme.
  7. The bill expands residency requirements with the potential to open Queensland up for 'suicide tourism' both from interstate and overseas.

Follow links below to locate your State Electorate and MP contact details.

If you don't know your electorate > FIND MY STATE ELECTORATE

To view your MPs current contact details > FIND MY MP 

Or click here to view as a PDF.

The following articles will assist you in your letter writing

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  3. State Sanctioned Death exposes the West's Moral Decay
  4. Dying and the Question of Dignity

If you need assistance with letter writing please contact us at rtl@rtlaust.com. Leave your telephone number and we will contact you.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to defending life.

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